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{August 21, 2006}   Kris Revealed

Good buddy Kris is gone for the week – the heifer thinks she needs a vacation <picture me rolling my eyes>.  Party animals don’t need vacations…they need keepers!  While they’re away, however…hehehe…guest bloggers get to play in their playground with all their toys.

Since her guest bloggers don’t have access to posting photos on HER blog, guess what?  They can post them on their own.  🙂  So I created this blog just so I could post photos of her and link you to ’em.

Kris After KayakingIJulie, Anna, & Kris 

I found an old photo of Kris, back before she became glamorous (1st photo).  I’ll be mean and just let you guess which one is Kris.  There’s another one, but she’s a tad more sophisticated here.


Tried blowing ’em up, but clarity isn’t too good.


And if you haven’t guessed, she’s the second on on top photo, third on bottom.  I have one of her before she was skinny, buff, & tan, but I value my friendship with her too much to display that one.  (Okay, I value my own hide.)

There IS one floating around, I hear, with her on an elevator in Atlanta kissing some guy…now if I could just get my hands on THAT one…it might be worth losing some skin.


et cetera